Call for a host organization for the 33rd Population Census Conference

  • 2023.11.29


We invite organizations related to national censuses and statistics in America, Asia and the Pacific to consider hosting the 33rd Population Census Conference in 2026.


The Population Census Conference has been held every 1.5 to 2 years in collaboration with a host country's national statistics offices to foster communication and cooperation in the collection and analysis of comprehensive statistical information on population censuses. The host organization can be national census and statistical offices or other relevant national organizations interested in the activities of ANCSDAAP. 
Information regarding the previous Population Census Conferences can be found at

Organizations interested in hosting the 33rd conference are welcomed to contact the ANCSDAAP Secretariat at with a proposal including proposed schedules and locations (e.g., June 2026, Seoul) for the conference by June 28, 2024.