Welcome to the website of the Association of National Census and Statistics Directors of America, Asia and the Pacific (ANCSDAAP)!

ANCSDAAP is organized to provide a forum for the discussion and interchange of information, ideas, methods, techniques and views regarding national and international census and statistics in the American, Asian and Pacific region.

The mission of the Association is to foster communication and cooperation for the collection and analysis of comprehensive statistical information on human populations and their behavior. The Association conducts conferences and other activities relevant to its mission. Participants in the activities of the Association include not only heads of national census and statistical offices but also representatives from other relevant regional and international organizations as well as researchers and other persons interested in the activities of the Association.

Thus far in its history, the Association's major activity has been the series of conferences that are conducted at intervals of approximately 1.5 to 2 years. The first Population Census Conference took place at the East-West Center in Honolulu in 1971, and the latest (31st) Population Census Conference took place in Tokyo, Japan in 2022. This conference was co-hosted by ANCSDAAP and the Statistics Bureau of Japan (SBJ).

Population Census Conferences

  • 31st Conference

    • Tokyo, Japan (2022), “Impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 Round of Censuses and How to Overcome the Ensuing Challenges”
  • 30th Conference

    • Online (2020), “Innovation in Data Collection, Processing, and Dissemination for the 2020 Round of Censuses”
  • 29th Conference

    • Da Nang, Viet Nam (2018), “Innovative Approaches to Enhance the Quality of the 2020 Round of Census”
  • 28th Conference

    • Minneapolis, United States (2016), “Future of Census Data Collection and Dissemination”
  • 27th Conference

    • Tokyo, Japan (2014), “Evaluation on 2010 Round Census and Planning for Next Round Census”
  • 26th Conference

    • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2013), “Analysis and Dissemination of Census Data”
  • 25th Conference

    • Seoul, Korea (2011), “Operational and Other Issues Relating to the 2010-11 Round of Censuses in the Asia-Pacific Region”
  • 24th Conference

    • Hong Kong, China (2009), “Changing Patterns of Utilization and Analysis of Population Census Data”
  • 23rd Conference

    • Christchurch, New Zealand (2007), “Utilization of the 2000 and 2005 Rounds of Asia-Pacific Censuses”
  • 22nd Conference

    • Seattle, United States (2005), “Innovations in Collecting, Processing, Using, and Disseminating Census Data”