(Indonesia) Mortality in Indonesia The Results of Population Census 2020

  • 2024.02.05


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Mortality in Indonesia The Results of Population Census 2020 



The publication of Mortality in Indonesia Long Form Results of the 2020 Population Census (LF SP2020) presents further discussion of the Long Form SP2020 Results, especially mortality indicators along with various descriptive analyses. This is important, because to see how high the death rate in an area is, measures or death indicators are needed. The various mortality indicators displayed include Crude Mortality Rates, Death Rates for Certain Age Groups, Child Mortality Rates, Infant Mortality Rates, Under-Five Mortality Rates, Neonatal Mortality Rates, and Maternal Mortality Rates along with explanations regarding the measurement techniques for the indicators presented. Each indicator has a different measurement method (both direct and indirect methods) according to data availability, and this is explained in depth in the publication.